CVG Mushroom Casing Layer Kit

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Just add water and microwave for contamination free mushroom casing with field capacity hydration that’s perfect each time.  Get ready for better yields and an easier way to grow.


  • 2 –  coco coir, vermiculite, calcium dry mix substrate bag kits. Equivalent to 12lbs at field capacity hydration.
    • 2 re-useable 8″ X 5″ X 20″, 0.2 Micron Filter, 3 Mil Polypropylene mushroom cultivation bags.
  •  Instructions on hydrating and microwave pasteurizing your mushroom media.
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See the benefits:

  • Infinite shelf life.
  • Make only the amount you need.
  • The mushroom casing bags are reusable.
  • Self contained. No Bucket required.
  • Provides a clean and consistent substrate that’s ready when you are.

What is a substrate and casing layer?

One of the keys to successful mushroom cultivation is creating the right growing conditions, and this starts with the substrate. A substrate is the material that mushrooms grow on, and there are many different substrates to choose from. One popular choice is coco coir, which is made from the fibrous husks of coconuts. Another commonly used substrate is vermiculite, which is a a lightweight, porous mineral.

To create a bulk substrate, you’ll need to mix together your chosen substrate material with other additives like calcium and gypsum. This mixture provides the nutrients and structure that mushrooms need to grow and thrive.

Once your bulk substrate is prepared and inoculated with mushroom spores or mycelium, you’ll need to give it time to colonize and develop into a solid mass. At this point, you may choose to apply a casing layer.

A casing layer is a layer of material that is spread on top of the colonized substrate. It provides a protective layer that helps to retain moisture and create a microclimate that is conducive to mushroom growth. A common choice for a casing layer is CVG, which stands for crushed oyster shells, vermiculite, and gypsum.

So, when should you apply a casing layer? Typically, a casing layer is applied once the substrate has fully colonized and before the mushrooms begin to fruit. This allows the casing layer to become fully incorporated into the substrate and provide an optimal environment for mushroom growth.

In conclusion, creating a successful mushroom growing environment requires careful attention to detail and a commitment to following best practices. By applying a casing layer at the right time, you can help to ensure a bountiful mushroom harvest.

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