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Mushyluv Oven Pour Glass Petri Dish Tek

Oven Pour Tek by

oven pour tek

Our oven pour tek makes pouring a few glass petri dishes easy.

Begin by setting your glass petri dishes lid down dish up alternating on your top oven rack.  Add tinfoil if you’re worried about spilling or dropping a dish.

Bake petri dishes @  320°f for 30 minutes. This will sufficiently sterilize your glass petri dishes.

Once sterilization has completed, set your oven temp to 190° and wait until the oven cools to the target temp.

REMEMBER: Use common sense when working around a hot oven at any temperature.

You can now pour your sterilized agar into your petri dishes.  Once you’ve completed pouring,  using an oven mitt or clean cloth place the lids back on your petri dishes and close the oven door.

Let the oven and your petri dishes cool to room temp and you’ve got sterile media petri dishes ready to go.

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