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Stems vs Caps which has more mushroom magic?

caps and stems

A 2020 study on the Stability of psilocybin in the biomass of the psychotropic mushroom Psilocybe cubensis named “caps” the winner…. Sorta.

The stipes contained approximately half the amount of tryptamine alkaloids (0.52 wt.%) than the caps (1.03 wt.%); however, these results were not statistically significant, as the concentration of tryptamines in individual fruiting bodies is highly variable.

What’s is all mean?

This means that although the average content of tryptamines in caps is higher than in stipes, due to the Standard Deviation, where there is high variability between individual fruiting bodies, it cannot be said that this statement applies to all fruiting bodies.

The evidence seems to support Schrödinger’s mushroom paradox of quantum superposition stating that the stem both will and won’t f’ you up…

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