Clone Cube Laminar Flow Hood

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The Clone Cube generates a laminar flow of purified air so you can safely handle sterile mushroom cultures within its clean zone. Order yours risk free today! The Clone Cube weighs in at a mere 4 pounds and includes a canvas carry bag.

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Pouring sterilized agar into a petri dish in front of the mushyluv laminar flow hood.Mushyluv’s 15″ x 13″ Clone Cube laminar flow hood generates a  column of filtered air which pushes unwanted molds and bacteria out of the way. In this clean air zone, you can pour agar plates, transfer cultures, and work with open spawn jars and grain bags.


  • 15″x13″ Class II, Type A  laminar flow hood
  • AP-1512HH HEPA filter
  • 110 vac (US) power adapter
  • Heavy duty canvas storage bag
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clone cube hepa laminar flow filterBack side of the mushyluv clone cube laminar flow box.Mushyluv's Clean cube laminar flow box dimensions.


See The Clone Cube in Action

Fan Specs

Twin120mm high performance exhaust fans maintain a continuous laminar flow of filtered air.

Powerful, yet quiet enough to be used in an apartment.

HEPA filter

mushyluv clone cube replacement HEPA filter

The included high efficiency AP-1512 filter is capable of removing 99.97% of dust, spores, and allergens as small as .3 microns from the air (merv 13).  Our  filters deliver 1000’s of hours of trouble free service. (refills here)

Portability & Size

Traditional laminar flow hoods are large wooden cabinets that weigh upwards of a 100 pounds. The Clone Cube weighs in at a mere 4 pounds and includes a canvas carry bag.  Just sling yours over your shoulder. The Cube’s small footprint is nice when you don’t have a ton of extra room.  Orient vertically or horizontally whichever best suits your application.

Handy For

Gene Isolation
Pouring agar plates
Grain to grain transfers
Creating spore syringes
Inoculating bulk spawn bags

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  1. Angela T. (verified owner)

    So much easier than my still air box.

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