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The ez-SAB-port™ latex glove install guide


If you prefer you can add your own latex gloves to your ez-SAB-port™.

Begin by inserting the glove ring into your latex gloves with the clamp ring pointed away from your port and into the glove.
Next slip a 5″ or larger hose clamp over your glove until it stops against the clamp ring. This my take a few tries to get it even. Tighten the hose clamp to snug. Do not over tighten.
Pass the ez-SAB-port™ through the wall of your still air box.
Orient the thumb of your latex glove in a natural up position. Holding the inside steady so as not to change the orientation of your glove, hand tighten to two halves of the ez-SAB-port™ together by spinning the outside of the port by hand until it snugs tight. When finished click here.