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Mushyluv Cameo 4 Universal pen adapter instructions

Cameo 4 Universal Pen adapter by mushyluv - installed

Silhouette Cameo 4 Universal pen adapter insertion guide
Load your sharpie from the bottom end of the adapter (where the cutting blade would normally be).
alignment guide for the silhouette pen
A good starting point length for the tip of your sharpie, pen, or pencil is to set the tip at the same length as the blade guard notch found on the side of your autoblade.
Mushyluv cameo 4 universal pen adapter Studio settings
For Sharpies, set force to 1 and speed to 4 as your starting point. Felt tips work well at lighter force numbers. Pencils require much heavier force.
pause symbol
If your stylus is wobbling in the cradle, pause the print job and shorten the length of your stylus.
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