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flow fume hoods with mushroom on agar plate.

Flow hood Vs Fume hood

Flow hood vs fume hood which is the right fit for you. Both types of hoods use a constant flow ...
70% isopropyl alcohol used to sanitize still air boxes and mycology tools.

Why is 70% Alcohol Better for Disinfecting Mushroom Growing Equipment?

Isopropyl alcohol, particularly in solutions between 60% and 90% alcohol with 10 – 40% purified water, is rapidly antimicrobial against ...

Extraction Teks

PF TEK SHROOM EXTRACTION December 28 2002 Solvent: 190 proof ethyl alcohol (common name everclear) This technique describes how to ...
Tamping substrate with a gloved hand

Bulk Spawn and Casing Tek

What we'll need to create 4 13x9 birthday cakes. 2 x 6lb coir, vermiculite, & gypsum bulk substrate bags or ...
How to melt agar being demonstrated in a hot water bath.

How to Melt Agar

Mushyluv's guide to our 3 favorite ways to melt agar. Hot Water Bath: Fill a pot with 1-2" of water ...
Oven Pour Tek by mushyluv.com

Mushyluv Oven Pour Glass Petri Dish Tek

Our oven pour tek makes pouring a few glass petri dishes easy. Begin by setting your glass petri dishes lid ...
Mushyluv's porthole glove box kit. White. Installed in an SAB-mini still air glove box.

Tips for making a Still Air Box SAB

Begin by determining if you want your lid to be the top or bottom of your SAB. Orient your tote ...
cooling your pressure cooker by adding a cast iron pan heat sink

speed up depressurizing/cooling your pressure cooker

A safe way to accelerate cooling your pressure cooker is to add a heat sink.  Flip a cast iron pan ...

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