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Texas Mushroom Festival, Madisonville Texas

Madisonville Mushroom Festival

Madisonville Mushroom FestivalThe Texas Mushroom Festival in Madisonville, Texas, started from very humble beginnings. Its first event in 2002 had just one tent, one entertainer, 10 T-shirts, and a few vendor booths, which technically got rained out. However, despite the initial challenges, the festival’s potential was recognized.

Madisonville had a tradition of hosting an annual Saturday on the Square event, and in 2002, a lone tent stood in the parking lot of The Woodbine Hotel. There, Chef Reinhard Warmuth cooked up various mushroom dishes, laying the foundation for future Texas Mushroom Festivals.

The festival’s association with mushrooms is due to Madisonville being known as The Mushroom Capital of Texas, thanks to the presence of Monterey Mushrooms, a local business that processes a significant amount of mushrooms daily.

Over the years, the Texas Mushroom Festival expanded and evolved to include various attractions beyond mushrooms and shopping. It now features diverse events to cater to different personal interests. Some of the festival highlights include the Shiitake 5K, Auto Showcase, Texas Wine and Craft Beer tastings, live music, Kids Zone, and Photo and Art Contests. The festival takes place in Downtown Madisonville from 10 am to 5 pm.

The Texas Mushroom Festival has grown in popularity and attracts thousands of visitors to Madisonville each year, becoming a significant annual event for the community and visitors alike.

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Event Dates: Mid October

Festival Address: 210 N Madison St, Madisonville, TX 77864

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