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Artist Jill Bliss’ mushy medleys


Jill Bliss lives among the Salish sea islands that stretch from British Colombia to the pacific northwest.  Creating the most amazing arrangements from found mushy elements in the temperate rain forests her special blend of mixed media art is just amazing to behold.

Jill’s mushy medleys collection 

Foraging practices for Jill’s art medley creations

Jill’s Shop


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How to paint watercolor mushrooms


Painting can be a relaxing pastime especially when the subject is mushies. This guide will show you how to paint beautiful watercolor mushrooms.

hey friends
grab your paints and brushes because
today we’re practicing our watercolor
skills with this cute
forest and mushrooms theme
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what’s up welcome back my name is shayda
and today we are painting
mushrooms in watercolor so i’ll be
working in my little strathmore
watercolor sketchbook i really like the
size of this
um sketchbook it’s just small and it’s
great for little paintings like the one
we’re doing today
i’ve linked it in the video description
and then i’ll probably do
most everything with this number three
pointed round brush
um it’s sort of my go-to and then for
paints i am using my muno 48 pan
watercolor set you know the one and i
two glasses of clean water and some
paper towel for blotting my brush
and this month you’ve got a chance to
win a set of these paints
we’re giving away a 12 pan muno set
that’s a smaller version of the one you
see me using here
to enter all you have to do is subscribe
to this channel turn on your
and comment below with your request for
another watercolor tutorial what do you
want to see
in the future no need to specify done or
giveaway entry
all contest details are listed in the
video description
since the mushrooms are all sort of
these subtle shades of brown and beige i
want to start today by talking about
and i’m using a clean wet brush to scrub
at the cake of paint
and i’m starting with white i bring the
white pigment over to the palette and
i’m doing the same thing with my brown
and i’m just bringing a little hint of
brown and mixing it in to give me this
creamy color
i’m also mixing up a french gray so
scrubbing the pan of paint
with my wet brush bringing the gray
paint onto the palette
mixing in a little water and then from
there i can mix in any other colors i’m
mixing a little brown here you can see
me really scrubbing that cake of paint
with my wet brush
i pick up the pigment and i bring it
over to the palette okay you get it
i’ve also mixed up a couple browns one
is brown and white mixed
the other is brown and purple i like the
way the purple darkens the brown
and so i’ve just got an array of sort of
browns and
beiges and almost blacks and from there
i’m good to start my painting
the first mushroom i actually want to
draw it just so we can do it together
and kind of get the shape right
i begin with the stem then i drew an
oval around that stem
and then you put the little cap on top
i’m just going to get rid of some of my
pencil lines
because once you paint over it you will
not be able to erase
then we’re gonna grab that really light
beigey creamy color
and i’m just going to paint in the stem
so draw a stem it could be any shape you
know mushrooms are
weird and add the white or beige paint
and then at the very bottom we’re going
to take that black brown
and we’re just going to add a little bit
and because the beige is still wet
you get this wonderful wet into wet
where the two colors
blend and i’ve also taken a bit of light
and i’m adding a little on the sides and
that just gives a more
three dimensional look to the stem i’m
grabbing that kind of medium
beigey color and i am going to color or
paint in the top of the mushroom so i
guess the mushroom cap
and just kind of filling in and then
while it’s still
wet i’m grabbing the really dark purpley
and we’re going to get another beautiful
wet into wet
effect so painting with watercolors
while they are
wet on the page is a great way to get an
and beautifully natural blend of
and that’s wonderful when you’re
painting things from nature like
mushrooms or flowers
so you can see the way the brown really
bleeds into that beige and then i’m
adding darker brown
i left a bit of negative space there for
and then i’m using my beige color to
simply add some
gills i guess underneath the mushroom
cap and i’m mixing a light gray
with the creamy beige color and the two
of them
kind of blend together i leave a little
bit of negative space there
and it just hints at the idea of gills
we can add more detail later
you can continue shading while the
mushroom is
wet using a little bit of light brown or
brownie gray
and it’ll just bleed out really nicely
and you’ll get
a very natural looking shading
for our next mushroom i’m not going to
draw it first i just want to paint and
let the form kind of take shape on the
page but do whatever is comfortable for
i am starting with three stems just
weird lines of beige paint and then i’m
going to take that same light
color and do a little circle or oval at
the top of each stem so they can all be
a little different
they’re kind of in a cluster which i
think looks cute
and just don’t overthink this any shape
will do
and then same idea we’re grabbing from a
color on the palette that’s just
slightly darker whether it’s a gray or a
and we’re adding a little bit of that
darker gray
to the stem to give the look of shading
and to give it a more three-dimensional
appearance i’m also adding a bit of dark
brown at the bottom of each mushroom
sort of where they would have been
plucked from the dirt
and then i have added just a hint of
shading on the top on the button part so
i just keep kind of going back adding a
little more paint
until i get the look that i like and
working with wet into wet is a great way
to get that really natural soft shadow
okay moving on let’s do another one this
one’s very similar i’m using the same
colors of paint same sort of ideas and i
just switch
up the shape a little bit every time so
for this one you can see i’m starting
with quite a long
wide stem but same idea i’m using the
creamy beige
i’m adding that black brown to the
bottom while it’s still wet
this one i might even get a little bit
of a root look going by simply using the
tip of my brush to pull the paint out in
little strands
and because both colors or both pigments
are wet we get a beautiful blend
then i use that lighter gray beige to
give me that just that little bit of
shading on the sides of the stem and the
where it’s going to meet the cap and it
that really helps with the
appearance of the mushroom keep those
shadows weird and random
and then we’re going to grab that beigey
creamy color again and we’re just going
to work out the shape of the mushroom
top or the cap it could be any size
could be any shape you could make it
really long and tall
or short and wide doesn’t matter
just work it out and when you’re happy
with it kind of leave it alone
and then grab your darker color and just
add that bit of shading and the shading
could go on both sides
or just one side try to keep it a little
random and weird
so that the mushroom doesn’t look too
smooth that would be my one tip
well you won’t be surprised to know that
my next mushroom follows the same
formula just work out a weird little
shape for the stem
whether it’s short or long fat or skinny
then add that little bit of darker gray
or brown to give it the shading
i’m usually adding a little bit at the
bottom the top and on the sides
then we’re working out the top of the
mushroom and
again i’m using that beigey creamy color
this one is going to be very
short with a really long sort of
flat mushroom cap so totally different
shape than i’ve done so far and that’s
kind of the fun of
painting all these mushrooms is you can
just play
with different forms and sizes look at
pictures on google photos and get some
ideas some inspiration
i’m going to leave that one alone for
now actually all of these are just
sort of the first layer and then we’ll
come back and add more detail
and for my last mushroom i am painting a
cap first i started with a circle then
all it’s almost like i’m trying to paint
a sun hat it’s got
the uh little rounded part in the middle
with this big brim around it
just a random shape and then from there
i’ll paint the stem and it’s going to be
thin and curvy so at this point i’ve got
a whole bunch of different mushrooms
the first layer of paint has been
completed and now we need to do a little
bit of wet on dry
so adding more detail now that
everything has dried and the first step
here is that i want to mix up a
really dark red i’m mixing red
with burgundy and then you’ll also see
me mix in a little purple so that i get
very rich uh dark
red ish burgundy color
so we’ve got that mixed up but i’m not
going to start with that
this is what the mushrooms look like and
using basically the same colors that
i’ve been using all along
i am going to start adding detail so for
this one i’m using a dark gray
to add some more detail to those gills
underneath the mushroom cap i’m doing
these long
rounded lines or brush strokes and
they’re really helping to get give the
look of gills
i’m also going to add a little bit of
darker brown to that mushroom cap it
just looks a little flat
so i want to make the color a little
richer a little darker
and you can see my brushstrokes are
pretty random i i want it to look very
perfectly imperfect i don’t want
anything to look smooth
or flat so have the kind of bravery to
just put some
weird brush strokes on these mushrooms
and that will indicate the shading and
the color and it’ll look really organic
you can add a bit more detail to these
little button mushrooms
by simply adding some dark gray on the
stems and then maybe a little bit
on the sides of the caps then for the
next one we’re going to have a bit of
fun we’re going to pick up that
really rich red come back over here and
we’re going to start
coloring in i guess painting in the cap
and what you see me doing here is using
the tip of my pointed round brush
to kind of get the outline and the shape
and then also to outline some little
on the mushroom cap then where i need to
i add a little more pressure to that
and i use the belly of the brush to kind
of fill in
the larger areas of red i grab a little
more paint a little more
pigment when i need to and i just keep
this red area i’m going slowly and
carefully and leaving
lots of little white spots that’s just
going to be such a nice decorative
and it’s kind of like your
quintessential mario mushroom
to complete this little guy we’re going
to grab a bit of medium brown
on the very tip of that pointed round
brush and again we’re just doing these
little lines
that sort of flow out towards the
mushroom cap and they indicate the gills
underneath so just make it messy it can
blend a little with the red
that’s fine adding a little more shading
to the stem
if you like it just keep it weird keep
it random
and then i’m coming in with just a
little bit of reddish brown on the tip
of that
pointed brush and kind of filling in the
backside of the mushroom cap and adding
a little more detail to the gills
okay let’s grab some medium brown and we
are going to
again do these gills even though every
mushroom is a little different
they all a lot of them follow a similar
shape or formula so you kind of get used
you know doing these lines for gills and
doing the big
weird shape of the mushroom cap so it’s
fun it all sort of flows and you’ll get
the hang of it these are so fun
and simple to paint just like flowers
they don’t need to look a certain way so
it’s totally up to you
as the artist have fun with the shading
have fun with the
weird forms of the mushrooms and um and
experiment for this one i thought it
might be kind of cool to do some really
light lines on the stem i don’t know i
just wanted to try it and then i kind of
softened them with a wet damp brush so
they weren’t too harsh
and then you just see me adding more and
more shading to the top portion of the
mushroom so that it doesn’t look
smooth okay i’m going to pick up a
little dark brown
just on the tip of my brush and we are
going to complete this last mushroom
remember i said it kind of looks like a
sun hat the top so we’re doing all these
fanning out in a circle and then we’re
going to also add that medium or dark
to the stem especially where the stem
meets the mushroom cap you want to put
some shading there so that it gives that
three-dimensional look
i also put just a few little lines right
on the edge of the cap for texture
and that’s pretty much it from there as
things dry you can add more shading
wherever you think you might need a
little bit a few
lines or a bit of a dark brown or gray
can go a long way in adding detail and
completing your piece so that is mine
pretty much all done i like the way
these mushrooms look they’re all a
different they’re all a little weird and
i think i just want to add some more
like foresty
elements to this piece just because it
is a little pretty sketchbook piece and
i want it to look
nice in my booklet so i decided to add a
mossy green
fern and that’s what you see me doing
okay that’s about it my mushroom and
forest inspired sketchbook piece is all
i had so much fun painting this in
watercolor and
definitely get your requests in because
i believe this was a viewer request and
it’s a great idea
for a watercolor project painting those
weird mushrooms
thanks for watching and thank you so
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light up mushroom Diplo X Crocs

Diplo X Crocs mushroom crocs

DJ Diplo X Crocs mushroom crocs

The “Diplo X Crocs” are the latest celebrity collaboration with Grammy-winning DJ and producer Diplo. Three-dimensional light up mushroom charms adorn the outside and single out the Diplo X as one of the trippiest croc offerings.

Just when we thought Crocs could not get any weirder, a new version of the foam clog features a psychedelic design complete with light-up mushrooms.

The “Diplo X Crocs” are the latest celebrity collaboration from the footwear brand, this time with Grammy-winning DJ and producer Diplo.

Crocs (CROX)said the limited-edition release, which go on sale online on June 8, features two designs. The first is a trippy twist on the classic Crocs (CROX)clog decorated with swirls of pink, blue and yellow. Topping it off are three-dimensional mushroom charms that light up which you can pop on the top of the shoe. The price is $70.

The second design is Croc’s two-strap, slip-on sandal. Priced at $50, it has the same paint swirl design with eight attachable glow-in-the-dark charms.

Croc Diplo flip flops

Crocs’ often-mocked “ugly” clog turned into the go-to shoe of the pandemic for comfort-seeking consumers. The company not only logged its best sales ever in 2020, but it continues to lock in high-profile celebrity and brand collaborations, which Gen Z and millennial shoppers can’t seem to resist.


Those have included special-edition collaborations with Post Malone, Justin Bieber and fast-food chain KFC, which came with attachable charms that looked and smelled like fried chicken. Crocs’ glow-in-the-dark collaboration with Latin trap artist Bad Bunny quickly sold out after its September launch last year.

In April, a limited edition of $50 light-up, bright red Lightning McQueen adult clogs, modeled after the Disney/Pixar character from “Cars,” sold out in under an hour after it was released for online purchase.

“Some (of our collaborations) are designed to attract new customers and to be able to market to them in the future,” Crocs CEO Andrew Rees told analysts during an earnings call in April. “And some of them are designed to be kind of interesting and buzzworthy. In 2021, we will do more international collaborations.”

Crocs said its prior collaborations have typically sold out within a few hours.

Originally posted on CNN

#mushyluv #lovegrooves #psychonaut #mushrooms #mushroom #shrooms #sporehasm #psychedelic #crocs

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Seeking the oracle by Visualdon


Seeking the oracle is another surreal visual by Visualdon.

VisualDon on Reddit


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Floating In Space by Visualdon

Revisiting one of my favorites. Combining two things that leave me in awe, the depth of the oceans and vastness of space. VisualDon on Reddit

Mushy IconReturn to mushroom learning center

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Giant glow in the dark mushrooms spotted in Charlotte, North Carolina

Giant glow in the dark mushrooms in uptown Charlotte

This amazing light up mushroom art installation inspired by the artist, Vica Bondurant illuminates uptown Charlotte North Carolina through April 18th 2021.


Officials say the installation features 15 giant inflatable mushrooms that brings a reminder of nature in an urban environment, and the project was inspired by the artist, Vica Bondurant, who noticed mushrooms popping up in the industrial area where she lives in Sydney, Australia


Giant glow in the dark mushrooms in uptown Charlotte