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What is a still air box?


What is a still air box?

Think of it as a plastic shield that surrounds both  your hands and the mushroom cultures you’re working with.  The still air box protects the interior workspace from air currents that could potentially deposit Trichoderma spores and other competing molds.  Mushroom enthusiasts use Still Air Boxes to transfer mushroom cultures between two sterile petri dishes, spawn bags, grain jars, etc.

Benefits of using a SAB:

Less chance of contamination when handling sterile mushroom cultures.

What are still air boxes used for?

  • Inoculating:
  • Agar plates
  • spawn bags/jars
  • Spore syringes
  • Cloning
  • Grain to grain spawn transfers
  • Spore printing
  • Restricted Access Barrier Systems

How to make a still air box?

Visit our port install guide

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