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Using A Laminar Flow Hood For Your Mushroom Experiments

Pouring sterilized agar into a petri dish in front of the mushyluv laminar flow hood.

A laminar flow hood provides a sterile environment for carrying out experiments and other activities. These hoods offer the ultimate in protection from contamination, as they maintain sterility by providing uniform air flow at a steady rate. Learn all about what makes these hoods unique here.

What is a Laminar Flow Hood?

Laminar flow cabinets are used to maintain a sterile/clean environment by constantly flowing high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA)-filtered air outwards, minimizing contaminated air entering the cabinet workspace. The HEPA-filtered air reduces the opportunity for harmful chemicals or particles from entering the laboratory. A HEPA filter removes 99.97% or greater of 0.3 ┬Ám particles.

How Does a Laminar Flow Hood Work?

A laminar flow hood utilizes a fan to force air through a series of filters, typically HEPA filters, which remove airborne dust and other particles. The filtered air is then blown into the working environment in a direction parallel to the length of the workstation. This parallel airflow creates an “air curtain” or clean zone that provides protection from external contaminants entering the workspace and safeguarding people and products from contamination.

Advantages of Using a Laminar Flow Hood

Using a laminar flow hood offers many advantages for conducting experiments. Firstly, it is easy to maintain the sterility of the environment with a laminar flow hood as all surfaces are well within the clean zone. Additionally, contamination from airborne particles is minimized due to the air curtain. Finally, the fan may be used for ventilation in closed systems where gases or vapors may need to be removed or supplemented.

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