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Flow hood Vs Fume hood

flow fume hoods with mushroom on agar plate.

Flow hood vs fume hood which is the right fit for you.

Both types of hoods use a constant flow of air to prevent contamination of the laboratory clean space . Fume hoods prevent hazardous substances from exiting the hood workspace, whereas laminar flow cabinets prevent contaminants from entering the cabinet workspace.

Exit vs Enter

Laminar flow hoods are primarily used to protect work or equipment on the work surface from particulate contamination. Laminar flow hoods achieve this through either horizontal or vertical airflow. This unidirectional air stream moves at a controlled speed that eliminates airflow swirls or turbulence that could create uncontrolled results.

Fume hoods are ventilation systems designed to minimize exposure to hazardous vapors, fumes, and particles. A constant flow of air is drawn into the hood opening, limiting the escape of vapors, fumes, and particles, and then is pulled out through the exhaust.

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