Trichoderma contamination in bulk spawn bed

Preventing Trichoderma

Name: Trichoderma sp
Division: Ascomycota
Kingdom: Fungi
Alias: Green Mold

Mushyluv Air Scrubber Tek

Laying a foundation to prevent Trichoderma contamination:

  1. Establish a clean closet. Any small’ish low traffic space that does not have an air conditioning vent (important).
  2. Setup an air scrubber. This coffee can sized H13 True HEPA Air Filters (#afil link) runs 24×7 in your clean closet and is key to removing Trich spores and other contaminants from the air in your work space.  The air filter also serves double duty as the fan for the mushyluv dehydrator tek.

Even opening and closing the door to your clean closet, you’ll be amazed at how effective the HEPA filter is at reducing contamination issues across the entire process as you grow mushrooms.

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